Our Terms and Conditions

Thanks for engaging with us at Dan the Skipping Man®. Like any business we sometimes do have to deal with the dull bits. These are the terms and conditions for your days/Rope bookings. In booking with us you are bound by these terms and conditions, please ensure you have read and understood the following:

Important info about your DTSM Day booking:

At DTSM we have organised a skipping day or two, so when it comes to timetables, we know what a perfect skipping day format looks like this will be sent to you prior to your booking. Our sessions never last less than 30 minutes a session (except if Nursery are included) and we do insist on a 5-minute gap between session for safety, calmness and quality of the day. 

Sessions include a single class per session as standard. DTSM define a class size as 30 pupils. Timetable amendments must be sent to DTSM HQ 5 days prior to your booking date, to be confirmed and agreed with us. 

If a school/client suggests amendments that we believe reduce safety/quality or best practice, we withhold the right to decline the suggested changes.

DTSM Days and Festivals

Booking a day means you agree to Dan the Skipping Man® cancellation fees clearly described below. 

Payment terms

Please process/action payment immediately on receipt of invoice from Dan the Skipping Man Ltd and payment should be received on or before the due date. Please note payments later than 28 days after invoice date will have a late payment charge of £100 added. Further delay will incur monthly interest of 8% above Bank of England base rate.

We purposefully invoice as much as 2 months in advance, allowing you time to check through your invoice, obtain a P.O if needed and ensure we are set up on your payment system. 

Our payment terms are strict and we really appreciate your help in paying promptly.

Cancellations by client

Cancellations, for any reason, made within 14 days of a date of booking delivery will be charged in full, minus any travel fee. Outside of 14 days cancellations are Free of charge.


Postponement by client

Postponements by clients are permitted in extreme circumstances (infectious illness/Ofsted visit/School facilities failure). 

A postponement must be made 24 hrs before the date of the booking and will be fully chargeable as the booking will be delivered on a new date. 

If in doubt call us with plenty of notice to discuss options – 02038764943 or email hello@dantheskippingman.co.uk.

For a postponed booking a mutually agreed new date will be set within 1 month of the original date, subject to the availability of a DTSM coach. Should a DTSM coach not be available within 1 month, we will offer the next nearest suitable date.

Inclement weather

DTSM Days and the techniques we teach, get maximum impact/quality INDOORS, however in the right weather DTSM sessions are great outdoors too. 

In case of poor weather we do request that an indoor hall or appropriate space is reserved for your days booking. Failure to do so could lead to your day being cancelled due to safety (wet weather, ice and snow, especially, is not suitable for skipping).

Please also note that if it is cold outside it is better to run the sessions inside for quality, comfort and wellbeing of all involved and to maximise your investment in the days.

Any days cancelled due to inclement weather because no indoor alternative has been provided will be treated as a cancellation above.

Should you postpone ahead of the day, you can rebook as above to ensure weather is suitable, BUT please give us 24 hrs notice and you must pre communicate a lack of indoor space.


If you have a major outbreak in your school and feel it is unsafe to have visitors, please call us on 0203 876 4943 to postpone, for everyone’s safety.


Rope bookings are cancellable until dispatch. If they have been dispatched the client can still return unused ropes but do so at their own cost.

Any cancelled items must be returned within 14 days.

DTSM Day rope letters/promo information

If a school/organisation hasn’t  taken advantage of Ropes to Pupils™ to get a rope for every child and get the biggest impact from your Dan the Skipping Man® day, The client agrees to send out information about the ropes to parents (Text, letter or email). 

There is no obligation for anyone to purchase a rope, however you agree to allow the parents/children the opportunity. 

If you are not sending out information or want a pop-up shop you must inform DTSM 7 days prior to your day. 

You agree to notify the parents about our preference for Cashless payments, that our coach will set up a pop up shop on the playground at a designated place and that the children can also visit our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/dantheskippingman to continue their skipping journey.

Now that’s the boring bit dealt with; we can’t wait to start everyone skipping.