Book a skipping day for your school

We provide tailored DTSM skipping days for schools and other organisations. Because we understand that one size very rarely fits all, our service is deeply personalised. We work with you to create the very best experience for your children. Always ensuring we maximise both your budget and the fun. And always, taking the time to listen to you and what you want to achieve before creating a package that’s designed specifically for you.

All our days include numerous sessions for your children, CPD training for your team, a wide range of resources and access to our hugely popular YouTube channel. As well as a spectacular end of day Skipping Show performed by the children.

At Dan the Skipping Man we understand that sometimes budgets simply don’t stretch to providing full skipping days. So, we also offer two packages that help schools make the most of our high-quality ropes and resources.

If you would like to book a skipping day or find out more, you can do that on our Skipping Day page.

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