Why you need great quality skipping ropes to maximise sustainability

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Imagine being able to give children (and staff) one simple tool to stay warm, active and fit. All the time.

We think staying active is crucial. We aren’t talking about being world beaters at football, hockey hero’s or cricket colossuses. Rather, we are talking about simplicity of exercise. Just grabbing five minutes of action, three minutes of raising that heart beat. Or even 20 seconds between lessons of endorphine boosting activity.

To help support this one thing we offer (in spades) ideas, with our library of videos. From how to start skipping, to how to skip in twisty pretzels. And how to play great team building games. However, if you want children to continue to use the ideas, or staff to feel confident enough to lead the concept moving forward, great ropes are a must. Because schools need quality skipping ropes, not cheap ones that won’t last the distance. It’s also good to have with enough variety of style of rope to mix up a skipping session.

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We used to only sell ropes after our days on the playground. So, on average, about 30% of the school would purchase a rope. But, of course, this also means that a big proportion did not.

Imagine if that same percentage happened in the classroom. So, in a school, a large proportion of children were never likely to be bought a book to write in, or pencils to use.

We want to help schools start to see things differently (many of our clients are). By giving their children a simple tool that, when they use it, can help directly impact their own mental health. As well as reduce boredom in the playground, offer positive play, creativity. And, most obviously, the plethora of physical benefits too – balance, stamina, coordination, to name but a few.

We know that budgets are never perfect, but we also know other schools use what we do to provide this for their children. So, that they can truly utilise the concept we offer as part of their everyday.

Please take a moment to look at this video that explains a bit more.

And let’s hope one day the idea of a child putting their maths book in the drawer and picking up their skipping rope to go out to play becomes the absolute norm for every primary school child.


PS If you’d like to buy some ropes, you can do so here.

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