Much more than just a one-off skipping day

We are so much more than a business that provides a one-off skipping day (sorry, we thought it was worth repeating). You probably won’t be surprised to hear that we talk to hundreds of schools every year (which is great, thanks for your continued support). Lots of these schools use our complete concept brilliantly, and really maximise all the resources we provide.

But, occasionally, we hear the phrase “we just want a day”. Of course, that is totally fine. But the reason that’s often given is we only have the budget for a day. We understand that budgets are tight, but that’s why so much of our concept is free. Sustainability is truly at the heart of what we do. Because we ensure children are able to progress and develop long after we have left the building.

Using our skipping hub

Our skipping hub (that’s this website) is packed with resources. And our YouTube channel has loads of videos that help you imbed the physical and mental health benefits that skipping can bring.

Of course, we will always talk to you about repeat days (to reignite a passion for skipping). And rope options (if you don’t have ropes for after how can the school remain active). But even our ropes are deliberately designed to be long lasting. We don’t use cheap and poor-quality ropes. We want you to get maximum (forgive the colloquialism) bang for your buck,  

And please don’t forget if you ever have a question about how you can expand what we do. Or create further impact. Or develop the progressions for your school, just drop us an email or pick up the phone. We are always available to talk things through.

We believe we are never about “Just a skipping day” and if you want real value for money and continued engagement across your school, we always encourage you to look at the outcomes and impact beyond the day. Because ultimately that is where the biggest value is created.

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