Celebrating amazing teachers on World Teachers Day

It’s World Teachers Day! At Dan the Skipping Man® we love teachers, and we think it is only right that they get their own unique day to celebrate everything they do. We are lucky enough to work with teachers every single day: to inspire them, to pass on our knowledge to them, and to help them. And we are also teachers as well: encouraging, embedding ideas and informing people all about the wonderful benefits of skipping.

The 5th of October is World Teachers Day. It is a day to celebrate how teachers are transforming education, but also to reflect on the support they need to fully deploy their talent and vocation, and to rethink the way ahead for the profession globally (Unesco).

And so, we thought we would take the opportunity to highlight some of the things we do to help teachers as part of our unique concept.

Teacher Training

We often work with partnerships to show teachers the ropes (pun very much intended), making sure the skipping guidance they pass on is relevant, best practice, safe and age appropriate. We help them understand the mental and physical benefits of skipping and how our wonderful activity can be transferable into other sports they teach as well.  Our teacher training sessions are also great for team building, a chance to let off steam (the rumour is teaching is quite stressful at times) and helps give teachers the tools to improve their own physical and mental wellbeing!

Our video guidance

Resources are crucial for teachers. Especially if they are high quality, easy to understand and easy to follow. This is something we have been aware of in every film we make. Plus, vitally, our YouTube content is totally free. So, whether it be Little Skippers, special educational needs focused content, or higher end trick skipping, our playlists and videos allow a “go to” for teachers to dip into as they need.

Teacher inclusion on days

Every day we run, we make sure we encourage teachers to take part. Not to add to the stresses and strains of their day, but to experience the learning processes and environment as the children do. Joining in our kids’ sessions is also a great chance for the children to see that failure is ok. Because teachers make mistakes too. But it’s about how you respond to that. We think that’s a crucial lesson in life and a great bonding opportunity between teachers and their classes.

A free pair of Double Dutch ropes

Every school we work with get a free pair of Double Dutch ropes when they book a day. There is a reason for this. Well there are actually two. It’s to say thank you to our clients for their custom, we do really appreciate it. And it’s also to give teachers rope resources when they are inspired the most to get going with some skipping with their class. Without quality resources, good, safe skipping is difficult. This is a crucial aspect of the work we do on DTSM Days.

Open door policy for questions

Lastly, we encourage schools and teachers to email us if they have questions. Why? Because we don’t expect them to remember it all and sometimes, even with our videos, they may have questions. At Team Dan the Skipping Man® we not only know our skipping stuff, we also love a natter. So questions, information and collaborations with teachers to help them continue to maximise our resources we see as a vital cog in the big old wheel that is Dan the Skipping Man®.

So, thank you

We just want to say a big thank you to every teacher out there, on World Teachers Day. Keep doing what you do and inspiring others and if we can help by inspiring you, then that’s our job done.

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