Dan the Skipping Man is truly inclusive

When you hold a DTSM Skipping Day, the observant amongst you may see on our wonderful new banners have a Wheelchair user on them.

Now, this is not us (we promise) paying lip service to inclusion. That’s actually our founder Dan’s sister; five time Paralympian Clare. Clare is on our banners to show that we have inclusion at the heart of our concept and all the sessions we run. Of course, we understand that not everyone can do every single trick we teach, or indeed that everyone will be skipping at the same level. But that doesn’t matter, because our approach is all about progression. It’s a journey of improvement. 

Because no matter what someone’s ability is, chances are it won’t be the same as the child standing next to them. After all, no two people are the same. With Dan the Skipping Man, you will never hear the phrase one size fits all. We include everyone, and that includes children with SEND needs. 

Proactive coaches

Our coaches are trained to be proactive, to spot need and adapt as best they can. Sometimes that is engaging an anxious child in a session for more than 10 minutes. Or teaching a wheelchair user how to turn double dutch ropes, so they become the schools Double Dutch guru. Or showing a child with Cerebral Palsy that if they bounce little and often, they can achieve masses of progression, at their own speed. As well as teaching a teacher how to turn a long rope the right way.

In short, if you are worried about how to include SEND children within skipping in your school, we can guide on our DTSM Days. And, of course, as with everything we do, we’ve got some pretty awesome FREE videos to help. You can find them here

We love the varied nature of what we do. And as we hope the above proves, the challenge of adaption is something we pride ourselves on getting right. Every single time.


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