Much more than just a one-off skipping day

We are so much more than a business that provides a one-off skipping day (sorry, we thought it was worth repeating). You probably won’t be surprised to hear that we talk to hundreds of schools every year (which is great, thanks for your continued support). Lots of these schools use our complete concept brilliantly, and […]

Why you need great quality skipping ropes to maximise sustainability

Get amazing discounts and make significant savings on our superb quality skipping ropes. Imagine being able to give children (and staff) one simple tool to stay warm, active and fit. All the time. We think staying active is crucial. We aren’t talking about being world beaters at football, hockey hero’s or cricket colossuses. Rather, we […]

Dan the Skipping Man is truly inclusive

When you hold a DTSM Skipping Day, the observant amongst you may see on our wonderful new banners have a Wheelchair user on them. Now, this is not us (we promise) paying lip service to inclusion. That’s actually our founder Dan’s sister; five time Paralympian Clare. Clare is on our banners to show that we […]

Celebrating amazing teachers on World Teachers Day

It’s World Teachers Day! At Dan the Skipping Man® we love teachers, and we think it is only right that they get their own unique day to celebrate everything they do. We are lucky enough to work with teachers every single day: to inspire them, to pass on our knowledge to them, and to help […]


Skipping at Be More Marley Event

Some things in life are bigger and more important than skipping (yes we did just say that). One of those things is charity and, specifically, supporting children’s charities. At Dan the Skipping Man® we are proud to support the work of a group called Be More Marley. They fund raise for charities that support Sudden […]

National School Sports week … Wow that was fun!

Wow what a week that was. Last week was National School Sports Week 2022 … and to say we were busy is the understatement of the decade. As I hope people are realising by now, at Dan the Skipping Man® we are about loads more than “just” amazing skipping days. We are about building skipping […]

Book a skipping day for your school

We provide tailored DTSM skipping days for schools and other organisations. Because we understand that one size very rarely fits all, our service is deeply personalised. We work with you to create the very best experience for your children. Always ensuring we maximise both your budget and the fun. And always, taking the time to […]

The benefits of skipping

The last time you skipped anywhere, you may have been wearing pigtails or carrying a superhero lunch box. Indeed, skipping is often thought of as a playground activity reserved for children who still frolic around swing sets and sandboxes. However skipping, like so many other forms of play, is often left behind with age. As […]